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Bringing 47 years experience to the table, John Kirk served in the Royal Air Force, flew oil support on the North Sea out of Aberdeen, and returned to the country of his birth to fly Emergency Air Ambulance in Western New York.
He has been a Safety Office since 1973 when trained by the RAF and the UK Air Accident Investigation Branch. The last four years of his service with Mercy Flight Central in Canandaigua has been devoted to creating, implementing, and using a Safety Management System. Mercy Flight Central is an active participant in the FAA Voluntary SMS Scheme.

John is an accredited IS-BAO auditor, holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautics, and is fully trained in ISO 9001 auditing, SMS, and all aspects of aviation safety.
Following the standards set by ICAO, IATA, IS-BAO, and the FAA, we offer to complete the mandatory external audit of your safety system. A pre-visit review of documents, a site visit and inspection, employee interviews, and audit report are the parts of a completed audit.
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