Aviation Safety Auditors, LLC
John and Gail in Edinburgh. John has trans-Atlantic roots, born of a British mother and American father, he has travelled extensively, flying in over twelve countries on four continents. Returning to the country of his birth in 2002 after emigrating to the UK for schools at the age of 12, his experience with UK CAA regulations, ICAO, European JAR's, and US FAA regulations and safety systems is wide and varied.
Here are some reasons why you should hire us for your safety audits and consultancy:
  • John has 46 years experience in aviation with over 8000 hours, including over 1000 hours instrument flying.
  • He is a good communicator (despite a British accent!)
  • Trained by the Royal Air Force and UK AAIP, he is a qualified safety investigator.
  • He has extensive experience in Safety Management Systems
  • He will travel anywhere.
  • His policy is to provide a non-disclosure agreement, a contract signed by both parties, and a bound audit or consultancy report.
  • He is already providing expert consultancy for a start-up Part 135 fixed wing and helicopter operator.
  • References are available upon request.
  • Fees and costs available upon request.
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